Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Done!!! It's Done!!!!

The Albatross Swan Lake MS3 stole is finally done!!!It will look a bit better after being blocked, but how much depends on your perspective. I am a "symmetry" sort of person, so this takes top honors as my least favorite knitting project ever. But, it's done, and I get to add 1000 yards to my tally for the year. YAY!

I might have been doing a little swearing while working on the last few beaded rows--Theo obviously thought it safer to wait outside the sewing room.
I've had a little difficulty deciding what to work on next. After finishing 5 projects in a row, I would love to cast on something new, but I'm hoping to get to at least 10 WIPs in a row before I crack. So, I did a few rows on the Fir Cone Shawl

which can't be finished without buying more yarn, then on to Fleur
which I have a love/hate relationship with. It's a lovely cashmere blend yarn, but because of the shaping, it is really fussy knitting and yet boring stockinette stitch, so I lose interest pretty readily on this one, which drove me to
the Kimono shawl. It's quite far from being done or adding to the yarn tally, but I'm on a bit of a lace-kick right now, so it's enjoyable in spite of the fine cob-webby yarn.

Fabulous--not only do I have 20+ WIPs, I have knitting A.D.D.!