Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I Can Do Project Monogamy!!!!!!!

 Or mostly, if we don't count switching back and forth between quilting and knitting.  

In spite of help from the kitties, mostly Charlie,

I have been working steadily on a new quilt project.
The project instructions said "simple," so it only took me a solid two months, which included ripping out some of my free motion quilting once I got so far off that I had huge puckers:

I am still very much learning, but the quilt sandwiching is one of the places I struggle most, and I did pretty well this time,

AND didn't discover that my borders were suddenly too full of ease to ever work.  And, drum roll please, the finished quilt is in the dryer.  That's right, I used the term "finished quilt" and I wasn't referring to someone else's blog. YAY!


omly said...

I love the colors. It came out great!

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