Thursday, October 11, 2012

Type A Knitting

It's October 11 and I have knit (or removed) 15,058.85 yards of yarn this year.  This is my fifth year of tracking yardage, and I'm already at my third-highest yardage with just over two and a half months to go.  Finally crossing that 20,000 yard mark might finally be doable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know--this obsession makes me a complete maniac and most people knit to actually get a knitted object.  But THIS knitter lives with a crazy stash, and in order to not look at the size of my stash and get totally nauseous, I keep track of how much yarn I use in a year.  Thus far, I have not achieved S.A.B.L.E. (stash accumulation beyond life expectancy), and if I can knit 20,000 yards each year, I'd have about a 5-year yarn accumulation, which doesn't sound nearly as bad as a 10-15 year supply, which might be slightly more realistic if I ever chose to try realism in my knitting world, which seems unlikely. 

So, I am on a mad quest for yardage, and what am I working on?
Sometimes I think I just try to make things as difficult as possible for myself.........