Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yarn Lust

Today marks the end of my 11th month of knitting only from stash and the end of my 5th month of the WIP marathon, and I am experiencing SERIOUS yarn lust.
The good news is, I'm lusting after my own yarn. I have either one more project or one more month to go before casting on something new--depending on when I crack. 13 down--13 to go. It would have been 14, but the lovely Hibiscus for Hope sock had an incident involving dropped stitches and needles pulled out by another project (proving my secret theory that WIPs really can get vicious if neglected long enough), and I wasn't far enough along to justify trying to pick the stitches versus just starting over--which I will indeed do at some point--but the delightful feeling of having one less WIP kept me from starting over immediately.

I've done a lot of WIP Wrestling this year. The WIP pile in April:
looking massive and frightening. There are actually 6 projects visible that have been finished by now, which is an amazing feeling. Tomorrow I'll take a picture of the WIP pile as it is now. Hopefully, it will be a very noticable different. I promise not to squash it down just to make it look good--especially since there are some rosewood needles involved.

Our patient is feeling better today and is down to only two medications, but that also means that he sees no reason at all to not try to jump into windows or onto furniture, which meant much of the morning was spent in kitty confinement:
I did make it a bit larger now that he's stopped flinging himself around. 35 days left to go in the cast!

The sleeves for WIP #14 (baby aran) have been started:
Considering the child hasn't actually been conceived yet, I'm quite on top of things this time. Still, I know that as soon as these particular friends announce a pregnancy, it will spark at least 4-5 other friends to announce pregnancies, so it's best to stay on top of these things. I think it's contagious.

And as soon as these sleeves are attached to that sweater, I am having a serious fling with a scarf, or a pair of socks, or anything new!!!