Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Finishing Friday

And I actually finished something. YAY!!!!!!!
I need to find some buttons for it, and it needs to be washed and blocked, but the January Aran is done, steeks and all!!!

And to be honest, I don't think the steeks were any big time saver--not even counting the hours of whining and whimpering. When you cut knitting, you're left with fuzzies like this
which drive me crazy. So, I'm going over all the edges with a needle and thread and making the edges less "messy" which is really the same as sewing all the darn pieces together in the first place but without the psychological trauma. Still, it's a new technique and I'm glad I learned it, but I might reserve it only for fair aisle, or if I pick up a taste for self-torture.

I have my FIRST WIP DONE for the Double Dog Dare Challenge, which leaves me at with 17 WIPS. The challenge, as you may remember, is to get down into the single digits on WIPS. Some would, of course, ask why not try to get down to NO WIPS, but let's not get too crazy. A year without buying any yarn? THAT I can do. Work on only one knitting project at a time? Not even close!

And as for the sweater--I love it! Of course, it's 90 degrees right now (even at 8:30 at night), so I tried it on only for the briefest of moments, but I love it. I didn't like some of EZ's directions, so I made my own collar & button bands, but that's all in the spirit of EZ. Of course, she made hers in a month, but I try not to think about that part......