Thursday, December 24, 2009

Knitting Rites of Passage

*  Deciding that the sport-weight yarn you found that you just love looks "small enough" for that lace-weight project you want to make.

*  Spending hours making one of your first sweaters for someone who will absolutely never wear it.

*  Presenting a mother-to-be with a precious, hand-knit baby sweater in a gorgeous yarn--only to have it meet it's death in the washing machine because no one with a baby has time to hand-wash anything except the baby

*  Not checking gauge "just this once" because you always get gauge and ending up with a cabled tent

*  Finding yourself with bags of the ugliest yarn ever that you just bought because it was more than 50% off

*  Creating the king of snarls before discovering that yarn in hanks must be wound into balls before knitting

*  Giving a knitted gift to someone (usually a relative) who feels the need to actually tell you that he or she doesn't like it

*  Discovering that you twisted the cable the wrong way at least 10 rows back

*  Working a lace chart only to discover that while you started the row on one chart row, you ended it on another

*  Trying to knit mohair on metal needles

*  Knitting mohair in general

*  Discovering that a cat can chew through your yarn in a surprisingly short time

*  Having a WIP that is so old you can either not remember what the pattern was to begin with or cannot locate the pattern

*  Starting at least one story with, "Back when I learned to knit......"