Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So with my birthday & Soup Night this week, we hosted 2 parties in 2 days. I may have an abnormal energy level, but even I am wiped out at this point. BUT...
I did find buttons and the sweater is now washed and blocking. I'm pleased with how the buttons look. I found some I liked better, but one could only be dry cleaned and no dry cleaner is getting so much as a fingernail on one of my sweaters, and one could not be washed OR dry cleaned, which is sort of baffling. Even upholstery needs to be cleaned sometimes. Do you think there are people who would actually remove the buttons before washing something????? Some days I feel lucky just to GET things washed.

I was really hoping to dazzle you with a finished WIP #2, but sleeves always take longer than I think they will. I know they're really about half of an entire front or back, so making both at the same time is actually the biggest chunk of knitting in the whole sweater as they tend to be a bit longer and also tend to be fussier with increases, but I ALWAYS think they won't take as long. ALWAYS.

It's that eternal knitterly optimism that made me tackle lace on size 0 needles.....and live to regret it.