Friday, January 22, 2010

Finishing Friday & TWO Finished Projects

A badly finished project is still a finished project, right?

The day started off well.  With my enthusiastic sidekick to cheer me on,

I finished the snowflake runner

which I am immensely pleased with.  I call it a table runner because I can't think of what else to call it.  It's to go here

which is a shelf halfway up the stairs (the picture is looking down from the top.  Fully decorated, it looks like this now

from the top--hoping not to give anyone vertigo

and from the part-way up the stairs view.  I am REALLY pleased with how it looks--not to mention it is finished project NUMBER 8!!!!

Then I decided to embroider a set of towels while I did some knitting, and towel number one turned out perfectly:

I thought they'd be cute for the guest bath for spring.  Towel number two I'm not ready to talk about yet.  Let's just say it's done, and it will probably be used in the master bath because Andy will have the sense not to ask why I spelled "Sutton" with a big thread snarl instead of an "S."

So that winds up the day with TWO finished projects.....and a cranky crafter in need of a white chocolate martini.........