Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Real World Strikes Again

The Ravellenic Games are coming in February.  Formerly known as Ravelympics, in 2012, knitters worldwide were informed by the United States Olympic Committee informed us that we could not use even part of the word "olympic" because they have sole rights to even just part of the word so they can exploit it for money, and that we "denigrated" the athletes by presuming to model crafting events after Olympic events.  Strike 1 against the entire concept, but the renamed knitting games went on.

THIS year the Russian stance on human rights bled over into the Ravellenic Games in spite of the games having technically nothing whatsoever to do with Russia or the Olympics, things don't seem to be handled as well as they could have been, things apparently got quite heated, finally resulting in the team of moderators (many of whom have led the games for the last 6 years) to resign en masse.  There will be a new group formed, but the whole episode--and I think most specifically the behavior of some members towards other members on both sides--made me consider skipping the games entirely.  And with yesterday's arrest of terrorists in Russia, I wonder if the Olympic athletes are starting to think the same thing....................