Friday, July 9, 2010

Let's Pretend It's July First.....

because that will make the math easier.  I'm halfway (sort of) through the year, and my stats stand thus:  (I'm always so excited when I can use the word "thus."  It makes me feel like those 4 years getting an English degree were a well thought out plan of action)

Yards of yarn used:  7050.5
Skeins of yarn used:  35.35
Yards of fabric used:  49.315
Projects finished: 53 (but there were actually 51 as of July 1)

Which (easy math time) puts me on target to end the year with approximately:

Yards of yarn used:  14,000
Skeins of yarn used:  70
Yards of fabric used:  98
Projects finished: 102

Not bad, I suppose--I'd have used up more of the stash than I did last year, but not as good as what I'd like to call the Great Yarn Reduction of 2008 (19,183 yards and 118 skeins).  However.....the year is young and this time the new part for Jeeves is being shipped from Kentucky--which is three times as far as where the last one came from (in a zippy 2 1/2 weeks)--so there could be some PRIME knitting time around here this month.

Which is all a very mathematical way of saying.....

 Why am I obsessed with the pi shawl in laceweight & and size 4 needles when I should be thinking bulky weight and size 10s????????????????