Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh My!

So, in deciding whether or not to buy yarn at the end of the year or do another year of Cold Sheeping OR do both, some helpful person--whom I will eventually be forgiving--suggested I reexamine my stash to see where I was at. 

According to Ravelry, I have 674 balls of yarn and 128,777 or 73 MILES of yarn in my stash.

Oh my....

Granted, some of that yarn is involved in my 14 wips, and Ravelry really doesn't account for yarn used until a project is finished....but there is also still some yarn that isn't on Ravelry, so they probably even out. 

Part of me, of course, would argue that as it's my hobby and something I enjoy, why not just go ahead and have a really large stash and to heck with the cold sheeping.  Generally, I would be of that opinion, but the fabric and yarn stash has become a bit of a space problem.  I have it all crammed INTO the sewing room, but sometime I'd like to be able to put the doors back onto the closet and perhaps be able to walk around freely in there.

So....I think I am going to reward myself with something OTHER than fabric or knitting before going on my THIRD year of Cold Sheeping, but I might reserve the right to make one yarn purchase if things get too hard.  Two full years without buying any yarn????????