Thursday, December 3, 2009

And The Project of the Month Is.....

Gift bags! 

Or, more accurately, gift bags to be!  This is some home decorating fabric I found on sale one day, and I actually did buy it to make gift bags (since I buy so much fabric without ANY idea what I'm going to do with it, I'm always rather amazed when something DOES have a purpose......and downright shocked when I eventually remember what that purpose was), which it should work really well for.  I haven't decided how many bags I'll be making, but considering how many gift bags I give away, the more the better.  Of course, I'll need to fit it in with making more of these

which I just love.  Two have now found new homes, and I think we're going to need the other 3 for Christmas gifts (have to go back to my spreadsheet to check), so thankfully I bought enough material to make 10 more, as it looks like WE won't get one otherwise.  I have decided to alter the pattern slightly--namely to leave a hole in the bottom lining so I can stick the trim ends inside of it, as I really haven't figured out a good way to have the ends be visible.  Yesterday I tried letting the cord unravel (or not screaming when it spontaneously unraveled 2 inches when I cut the silly stuff) then splicing two cords together, but not only was THAT not successful, I'm still not ready to talk about it in a manner that is fit for the public to read.  I finally resorted to the glue gun--burning myself twice in the process just to round out the joyous experience--so I'm thinking a little hand sewing in the future will actually be a comparatively pleasurable experience.  And since the pattern said the trim was "optional" anyway, I'm thinking I'll be opting to send a couple of these babies out without trim.  I always feel bad about swearing when making a gift--like it somehow it won't represent quite the right "gift" spirit when I have cursed it repeatedly.  I guess we'll test that theory as the quilt is now in it's new owner's hands, and I think my cursing might have reached an entirely new level with that one. 

And....the front and back of the baby sweater are finished, and the first sleeve has been cast on! 

I'm this far--now I'm having fleeting fantasies about meeting the Double Dog Dare Challenge--that of getting down to just 10 WIPS--by the end of the year! 

Must. Go. Knit!!!!!!!