Saturday, September 22, 2018

I Have Finished Knitting Something!!!!!

Can you believe it took over a year to make a single pair of socks?
 The stripes aren't even close to matching, but when it takes the span of a year, it's probably a miracle that they are even a bit similar. 

So, to update the fall stashdash:

Love at First Sight - pick a yarn in your stash that was truly an impulse buy--a yarn you just fell in love with. Find a pattern that will do it justice.  I'm going to count the travel scarf for this--I think one could argue that pretty much ALL of my lace yarn was purchased on impulse, so

Soul Mates - make a pair of socks, slippers, booties, or stockings from stash yarn--the deeper the better   Done!

Glass Slipper - Match a pattern you already have with a yarn you already have and put them into a project bag to surprise yourself with in 2019

’Til Death Us Do Part - complete TEN rows on a WIP that is at least one year old, or your oldest if they’re all more recent DONE - socks

“Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Complete TWENTY rows on a second WIP

“You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” - Complete SEVEN rows on a third WIP

“Killing Me Softly” - complete SIX rows on your most frustrating WIP or project
Kauni cardigan

“Hit the Road, Jack” (or “Hit the Toad, if you prefer) - review your WIPs and frog any that you don’t love  Ripping back the Kauni cardigan far enough to fix it

“We’ve Only Just Begun” - update or embellish something you already have: crochet cuffs on a pair of jeans? Ribbon embroidery? A new hat or scarf to match an old coat? Create a look you love.

Do You Believe in Magic?” - finish ONE WIP (or project if you have no WIPs)  SOCKS

“Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” - make one gift

“At Last” - finish a SECOND WIP (or project if you have no WIPs)

“Dreams Can Come True - finish a THIRD WIP (or project if you have no WIPs)

“We Belong Together” - work 40 rows on any project made with stash yarn long-languishing sock

“Embraceable You” - sort through ONE yarn bin, drawer, or bag to remember what great yarn you already have
  Kind of all I do in the sewing room right now, to be honest.

Optional Bonus Categories:
“Wouldn’t it Be Nice?” - wrap up a second project bag for yourself and wrap it up for your 2019 birthday

“Let’s Stay Together” - work an additional 30 rows on any project Sock

“My Funny Valentine” - work an additional 25 rows on your favorite WIP or project  
Done - socks

“My Ideal” - repeat any of the challenges THREE times, one for each month of the challenge

“Crazy” - repeat ALL of the “row count” challenges THREE times

 Now I'm torn--I have fabulous new yarn to play with, but I also have other categories that could be checked off for the stashdown if I work on existing WIPs.  Either way, I get a sweater, so that's a big win/win, but is it wrong to be hoping that there's a serious cold that strikes my workplace this fall so I can spend a few days just knitting...........?