Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finishing Friday

In spite of all Mr. Sparky's attempts, I did actually finish the pajamas on Friday

in spite of the pattern being a bit off--the way they had the pieces laid out for the medium was just impossible--I even got out the ruler & did the math--but luckily I had extra material this time, so I still got pajamas.

Yesterday I finished a fleece blanket for winter

though I might add our names to it later, or maybe a few beads or something.  BUT, I have now used over 60 yards of material this year.  Whoo hoo!!!!!

The pajamas are just in time, as it's gotten quite cold here.  The cats no longer want to go outdoors, so they have to find new ways to amuse themselves.  Calisto has taken up yoga

and Theo greatly amused the piano tuner on Friday by hopping up on the piano bench and playing some of the keys to watch the hammers hit the strings once the front of the piano was removed.  I've had my grandmother's piano for quite some time, but Andy refinished it this year, so it is finally in the house.  Calisto seems unimpressed, but Theo might be musical.  When I play, he likes to sit on the bench beside me.  Maybe I'll teach him to turn pages?