Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things I'm Celebrating Tonight

*  One finished sock!
(which looks a bit odd, but does actually fit)

*  Sport weight sock yarn!

*  No Valium needed since last night!

*  The invention of Valium (since it really was needed last night)

*  Having NOT done anything stupid which would set my recovery back

*  Being on a spending ban while laid up and bored with access to the internet

*  That we never feed our cats tuna
or anything else that results in a sidekick with bad breath.

*  Theo leaving his "get well" gifts on the floor rather than bringing them onto the bed

*  All the get-well gifts from Theo thus far have been dead

*  Having a hobby like knitting that I can do to entice myself to rest my back muscles--probably preventing me from going completely and utterly bonkers.