Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1 - 100 Projects To Go

What was I thinking????????????????

Okay, 365 days and 100 projects.  So, I need to finish a project ever 3.65 days.  Oh my.

Since it is the first of the month, I pulled out a Project of the Month bag and found

which I'm going to guess meant that I was to cast on for this

It's a cute pattern that I've made before, but to finish it in one month might take some doing.  I did get this far today

but even in my best knitterly optimism, I'm pretty sure this won't be finished in another 3 days.  Even if this cold continues to hang on--which it seems determined to do. 

Since we had to bow out of the New Year's Eve parties last night, I took a shot of Robitussin and spent the evening with Andy's sweater

which was a lot more enjoyable than the Robitussin.  Meanwhile Theo, who does appear to read the blog after all, has been regularly checking the ironing board for more surreptitious blocking

He and I both know there' still a kimono shawl to be blocked, so he's taking no chances.  To be honest, I think I'll wait until I'm off of the cold medicine for that.  Considering how many typos I managed in yesterday's post, I could end up felting the poor thing or blocking it into a tea cozy.  (And if you were all taking the same amount of cold medicine as I am, that would be really, really funny--which I think proves my point.....)