Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Someone Is Having a "Time Out"

Even though Theo is feeling better and the therapy (they have promised to take pictures for me this week) is working, he's not supposed to be running, jumping, pouncing or twisting his leg. What Theo wants to be doing is running, jumping, pouncing, and twisting his leg as much as possible. I am really looking forward to him going to therapy on Thursday.

The additional kitty watching has given me a chance to get a few more rows in on EZ's January aran:and on Ice Queen:
and while Theo took a nap today, I finished the edging on two more blankets for Christmas 09.

I would tell you that I'm astounding myself, but that would be tempting the gods and my sewing machine would probably blow up.

Theo didn't really help much, but......
he's putting weight on the leg, he can bend it, and he has finally been able to scratch his ear!

We have small victories around here lately.....