Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Night

So, my big accomplishments for today are:

* actually getting in a few rows on the sleeves

* not casting on a new project.

Today I really REALLY wanted to cast on something new because I felt so light and so free being down to ONLY 17 WIPS. How crazy is that? Do you realize I'm more used to having over 20 projects than less than 20 projects? Not too many years ago, I actually did one knitting project at a time! I think discovering lace did me in. I know there are stronger knitters than I, but I just can't face the thought of buckling down and knitting a shawl straight through. I have a shawl in progress on size 0 needles. Think of the horror of having that as one's only knitting project! I might be driven to attempt tatting again and THAT was an experience best entirely forgotten. A knitter just probably isn't going to understand a craft where knots are really a good thing.

Thanks to 6 quarts of pickles, 2 trays of drying peppers, and starting a new mustard recipe, I really ran out of time to start anything new, so I'm safe at 17 WIPs for now. If I'm lucky, the tomatoes will keep me busy until I can finish the sleeves and be down to 16 WIPS.

I wonder if I could ever get down to 10.........