Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1/3 Gone

At the beginning of the year, my craft goals were:

  •  Finish 115 projects WITHOUT counting any lace embroidery ornaments unless they are the applique ones 
  • Paint 2 ornaments
  • Try a bargello quilting project
  • Try a braided quilting project
  • Try a stained glass quilting project
  • Make a shoulder bag
  • Make 3 colorwork ornaments
  • Finish 3 ornaments from the ornament kits
 Of which, I have so far only been working on #1.  Technically, the Spicy Spiral table runners are probably bargello, but I'm not going to count them because I want to motivate myself to try the one I had in mind in the first place. 

I'm also not exactly making any real dent in the stash.  So far I've used up:

Yards of fabric: 23.375
Yards of yarn:  4843.1
skeins of yarn: 26.615

BUT, with 50 projects completed, I am REALLY smoking that first goal! 

Now, one might wonder why a (somewhat) sane person would make crafting goals or keep track of tallies or any of this.  While not ruling out the possibility of not being sane AT ALL, it does three things:

1.  It keeps my stash manageable.  In my mind at least--though probably not in person.  I have a very, very large stash, but keeping track of it tells me that I have not yet reached Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy, otherwise known as S.A.B.L.E. And, because I like the things I have purchased and actually want to make them and am NOT going to just give away a bunch of stuff, it makes me feel a bit less overwhelmed.

2.  I love starting new projects.  Love, love, LOVE that new project feeling.  Finishing them?  Not so much.  But, being a complete Type A person, I can become a complete maniac over checking things off list and tallies!!!  Really, this is a Big Thing in my world.  So, having the tallies is the best way to bribe myself to FINISH things.  If one can't control one's inner child, one should at least know how to work with her.

3.  Staying focused on my stash helps to stay away from buying new stuff.  Obviously, this works better at times than others, but I am always thinking of new projects, and of course, new is exciting.  The old ones were exciting at one point as well, and the tallies help add the excitement back into the EXISTING things. 

And there should probably be a fourth:  It helps me show progress when one can't really see progress in the stash itself.