Saturday, October 2, 2010

28 To Go!

You might have noticed that there are two new projects on the side tally, and yet there are no subsequent pictures on the blog.  This is because I cleaned the sewing room this weekend, and as we all know, there is no faster way for me to lose things than to clean, and my camera is the latest casualty.

So, what we DO have is:

*  a moderately less-messy sewing room
*  progress on the stretchy sock--I think I have 2 more rounds before starting the heel
*  a new black peachskin tank-top sort-of shirt--basically exactly like the short paisley one but without the paisley part
*  a missing camera
*  two new embroidered towels, with Jeeves performing flawlessly
*  90 days in which to complete 28 projects
*  a subsequent realization that working on the Kauni cardigan rather than the sock might, perhaps?
*  an overwhelming desire to cast on something new--with cables
*  two cats and a husband who strongly suspect I have finally gone off the deep end...........