Tuesday, March 1, 2016

And It's March

With an extra day in February, I was hoping for one more finished project, but it didn't happen.  I got a little pinning and ironing done on both current sewing projects,
but my hip was REALLY bad yesterday, so the rest of the time my little sidekick

and I rested.  I have these days pretty rarely now, which is very nice, although never would be great, too. 

I did remember Me Made Monday, and dug out this
I made it in 2009, I think, and the fabric just had a bit too much body for the pattern, and some of my stitching in the darts is actually coming out.  I wanted to see if it was worth repairing the darts, and it isn't.  Some projects just aren't fixable. 

I think I actually have more than 52 handmade items to be worn, so when we went to the Idaho Artistry in Wood show on Sunday,  I wore a new finished project:
It's a keyhole scarf that I made last January and finally blocked this year.  I love this pattern.  It's so nice to have a scarf that stays in place, and is quick to make.  I am beginning to think that the real surprise this year will be how MANY things I've made and not yet worn.  While I'm frantically trying to make MORE , of course. 

So I didn't get one last project in for February, so that means I finished the month with:

Yards of fabric used:  19.9
Yards of yarn used: 332
Skeins of yarn used: 2
Projects finished:  12

Wow.  Okay, the fabric stash is much too large to even really notice the absence of 20 yards, but if I could do that every month, THAT would be noticeable. 

Let's see....what easy pattern do I have that uses a lot of fabric.......?