Monday, December 3, 2012

But It Wasn't The Drugs!

So yesterday, I was thrilled to use up the first ball of yarn on the new yellow sweater,
but it just seemed really WIDE.  "Impossible!" I kept telling myself.  I had checked gauge very, VERY carefully because I've been on pain pills all weekend and was being very careful to double-check anything I was doing.  The TOTAL circumference of the sweater for a medium should be 41 inches.  Maybe a little bigger than I'd like, but doable.  So I measured.  MY sweater would end up 45 inches around.  ???????

Just on a whim, I decided to check the pattern.  The required gauge was 25 stitches to 4.5 inches in the chevron pattern stitch.  Fine, that's what I had.  Then the pattern calls for 127 stitches cast on.  Now I'm on drugs, but I have a calculator.  By my figures:

127 stitches divided by 25 stitches is 5.08. If you multiply that by the 4.5 inch gauge, that makes each piece 22.86 inches, for a sweater circumference of anyone getting the correct gauge 45.72 inches!

No one else on Ravelry has made this sweater, so it probably wasn't the best one to pick when medications are involved, and since the ONLY other things I have relied on the pattern for was also flawed (the pattern says to knit 1 stitch on each edge to get the pattern centered, and you have to knit FOUR), I am frogging this and cheerfully shredding the pattern.  So...
it's chemo cap time!!!!  I know the pattern works, it uses yarn quickly, and it's even green yarn so it will count for one of my holiday basket items. 

Really, would it be too hard for yarn COMPANIES (Lion Brand) to at least do a superficial math check of their patterns if they can't be bothered to do any test knits?  I can't be the only person in the world trying to knit while recovering from an injury.  I think it will be faster to design my own sweater, but thankfully I have the sense to wait until a drug-free day for that particular adventure..........