Friday, November 25, 2011


There has been knitting, but mostly very, very simple knitting.  The pain pills I'm on make me drowsy AND hurt my stomach, if I try to not take them the pain makes me dizzy and faint if it gets too bad, and when the muscles start having spasms (which usually happens when trying to stay off the pain pills), then I have to take the Valium, which makes me absolutely stupid.  I had been able to get away with just taking an over the counter pain med they suggested at night since it lasts 12 hours, but last night it failed me and I woke up in serious pain TWICE and once had to wake Andy to help me.  So........I'm having a relatively rotten week.  Poor Theo is just beside himself.  He leaves my side for about 2 hours a day, and it seems that sleeping on my chest is his version of nursing.  Considering everything I went through on Monday, I like his version much better even if it might not be very effective.

So, I had originally decided to not do a "reward" yarn purchase for getting through another year of cold sheeping, but earlier this week I decided that if I could get through this week, I would get my $100 to spend for the year.  The thought has really helped me through some of the pain and (I am sorry to say) a bit of self-pity.  I will be stretching my goal to 175 in the "all used up" category to compensate, but under such extreme circumstances, even I can lighten up once in a while.  I'm actually amazed at how much mileage I have gotten out of the very idea, but after such a terrible night last night I finally placed an order this morning.  I ordered one more ball of the yarn I've been using for chemo caps to remind myself there are much, MUCH worse things to go through, and a very soft yarn to finally make the balaclava I wanted to make a couple years ago when our temperatures dropped to zero for a week but ended up not being able to make as I didn't have anything warm that was soft enough to be against one's face.  I also picked out a yarn for a project for a good friend that I've wanted to make for some time but didn't have the right color (I think this might be a screwy sentence, but I'm on Valium right now, so bear with me), and actually REMOVED several things from my cart before ordering--which may be a first for me.  I did have my doubts about being turned loose with a credit card on a yarn website while heavily medicated, but I think I did much better than I expected.  And now I have the thought of new yarn to help me through this.  Beats valium ANY day................