Thursday, January 14, 2010

14 Days

So, remember that resolution of mine to NOT renew my knitting magazine subscriptions?

I might have blown it.  Depending on technicalities.

Today I subscribed to Piecework magazine, which technically I didn't "renew" because I've never subscribed to it before, though technically it is sort of a knitting magazine, so it depends which technicality we go with.  It feels like I've blown my resolution, so I think that's the one we're going with.  But maybe I can content myself with just this ONE magazine.  Sure, there's still the issue of finding a place to put the magazines, but there will only be 6, so maybe I can do it.  I have been interested in the history of knitting for a while, but the only book I found on it was boring & not actually much of what I was looking for.  This magazine hopefully is focused on the history and heritage of knitting, crochet, embroidery and other needlework crafts, which I thought sounds fascinating.  There do seem to be some historic knitting patterns, which I will be very interested to try--though hopefully they have updated the whole needle size thing, and dropped those scary 000 needles.  Who has the heart for that?

So.....I lasted 13 days without being subscribed to any sort of knitting magazine.  I think that's my longest record yet.