Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Back To Our Regularly-Scheduled Knitting...

While he refused to help me with the washing & blocking process, Theo did decide that the new shawl needed the all-important "furring" step:which coincided almost exactly with the moment I decided the shawl was ready to be picked up & folded away. That did cause a bit of a rift with Theo, but a little catnip goes a long way....Not even chocolate makes me look that...contented. Why isn't there people nip?

The shawl is "Faroese-Style Lace" by Myrna Stahlman, which can be found in this book:
which is one of my FAVORITE knitting books. I've made at least four of the shawls in this book, and have plans for at least three more. LOVE this book!

Today's knitting project has been the simple & mindless blanket for my nephew:who is not simple & mindless, thankfully. I haven't decided exactly how big the blanket will be, and I'm now thinking maybe more rectangular than square. It' just garter stitch with two rows in each color, and an increase at each end of every-other row. For those who might be new to knitting, if I decide to make it into a rectangle I'll keep increasing on every-other row on one side and I'll start DECREASING on the other side on every-other row. Nothing brilliant--just a fun project. And....I'm about to finish off another 182 yards of yarn. Yippee!!!!!