Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good News & Bad News

The good news is, I am down to 15 WIPS. YAY!

The bad news is, it isn't because I finished the sweater I have been working on. By early last night, I had finished knitting all the piecesand again, I would wish to reiterate that I don't see why one would knit a yoked sweater in pieces, but I assume that designers know what they are talking about. I started diligently sewing all the dratted seams, when I thought I remembered someone mentioning on Ravelry a problem with the neck being too big.

Not "someone." EVERYONE.

Since the only thing worse than sewing sweater seams is ripping them out, I decided to pin mine to see what it would look like before sewing any more: Does that look big to you? How about this?
(I couldn't find my ruler). Hem gauges are 6 inches long, and they're overlapping by 2 inches. Just to make sure, I tried it on, and can now state absolutely that a 20-inch "mock turtleneck" looks dreadful, or at least on me. It's in the Vogue winter 2005/2006 magazine, so I flipped back to the picture to see if it showed a really big neck--either on the model, the sweater, or both. The model has her head sort of tilted, and her hair covers up the large expanse of neck--sweater, not her--so it's there if you know to look for it. So this isn't a mistake. This is what the designer intended.

Her name sounded vaguely familiar, so I did a search on Ravelry. Turns out, I have one of her books. I have tried exactly ONE pattern from it, and it was so flawed that I would have had to almost totally design the sweater from scratch to continue. I don't know what the other sweaters are like, but I don't think I'm going to find out. All the rest of her patterns might be indeed be flawless, but after 0 for 2, I can't give her the benefit of the doubt.

So, when I'm less frustrated, I will be ripping back part of the yoke, redesigning the neck, and finding a way for this sweater still to work. However, I've had a bit of a lousy week, and this is not the time to be looking for patience anywhere. One more irritation, and it was going to meet the food processor.

Last night was the closest I have come to breaking my cold sheep vow. Frustrated, tempted, and left without supervision, I was SOOOOO close to buying yarn! I ACTUALLY HAD TO SHRED THE PATTERNWORKS CATALOG. Which will be good for the compost bin, and kept me away from temptation. And you know, running the shredder is a bit therapeutic--all that grinding and snarling. It sounded about like I felt. And the glass of wine certainly didn't hurt.

I was still miffed that I wasn't going to finish a WIP this week, so I dug through my bag and pulled out thiswhich I dubbed the "French Poodle" as it's a mohair blend of some sort, but it's blended with mostly synthetic fibers, and looks like curly dog hair from a distance. I was using size 11 needles, so there was hope. Until I realized I would NEVER wear it. The yarn is too scratchy to be a pullover, and I had originally bought it for an openwork vest-sort of thing, which I think it would be much better suited for it. So.......I frogged it, and was officially down one WIP. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re-motivated after a good night's sleep and a morning chilly enough to allow me to wear my new January aran sweater for the first time (YAY!), today I pulled out the blanket for my nephew's birthday next month, decided I didn't like the new edging,ripped it back and tried a crocheted edgingdecided I didn't like it, ripped it backand decided I like it better without an edging. So, I have woven in the ends, will be washing it this afternoon, and have declared it FINISHED!!!!

So, not EXACTLY how I planned to decrease my WIPs this weekend, but I have to take what I can get. AND, I no longer feel the need to buy yarn! (Well, the OVERWHELMING need to buy yarn--let's not get crazy here......)