Thursday, October 9, 2008

10 WIPs In A Row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are still some ends to weave in and it needs to be washed and blocked, but IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The collar is a little shorter than the pattern calls for because I ran out of yarn, but I think it actually looks fine this way, and Andy loves it, so I will be leaving it as it is.


I'm actually pretty proud of myself for selecting this one early during the WIP marathon. It wasn't one of those just-missing-sleeves WIPs that finish rather quickly. It started here:

That's the back of the sweater. So it was probably the least-far-along of the entire pile of WIPs, being about 5% completed. Of course NOW I'm going to be looking for one of those projects that just needs sleeves--let's not be stupid. I think there's even a baby sweater just in need of a few seams and a neckband, and that pair of socks.....

10 WIPS IN A ROW!!!! 10 WIPS IN A ROW!!!! 10 WIPS IN A ROW!!!! 10 WIPS IN A ROW!!!!!