Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Let Me Show You Something


is a picture of the sewing room in December of 2007--right before I started my first year of Cold Sheeping.  It doesn't accurately show the yarn stash by any means, and I know there were at least a couple fabric tubs not shown here, but let's compare that to the sewing room today:

The yarn bins:
 the Christmas fabric bin,
 the closet,
 more yarn bins (and a huge mess),
 and the fabric shelf:
Even though I know the first picture doesn't show everything, I think it's pretty clear that my fabric stash has exploded while I've been Cold Sheeping yarn.  It could be worse, I suppose.  It could be both yarn AND fabric, but still......

Since I have less than 90 days left before being able to buy things, I have been working on my list.  After this little wake-up call, I will definitely be signing on for a second year of buying nothing, but there are some things I genuinely need.  If possible, I am going to find some black peachskin to make a wardrobe from the same pattern as the paisley set so I'll have some interchangeable options, a bolt of black cotton fabric, and some heavier cotton to make another gardening dress.  But nothing else.  This is the challenge.  I will enter a fabric store with a list and leave only with the items on that list. 

 Or, at least, this is the plan................