Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ravellenics - Day 5

Ron:  We're here at the 2012 Ravellenic Games, and it looks like Ms. Sutton has just broken her medals streak.  With 6 medals so far, unless there is some furious knitting tonight, her medal-a-day streak has come to an end. 

Bob:  It's been an impressive run, but I think you're right, Ron.  There has been some knitting today, but nothing completed, and nothing nearing completion. 

Ron:  With some big WIP contenders such as the Kauni cardigan, her streak was unlikely to continue throughout the games, but it was probably highly motivating.  6 medals is certainly a new record for Ms. Sutton, which could impact the rather impressive dedication we've seen so far.  Will she try for one more?  Three more?  No more?  It's too early to tell, of course, but we have heard rumors of company coming to visit this weekend, which could have a serious impact on Ms. Sutton's performance.  Will it slow her down, or even knock her out of the games entirely?
Bob:  It's hard to say, Ron.  If they are fellow knitletes, it could be motivating.  If they are nonknitters, it might be difficult to explain dragging around a bag of wool in scorching temperatures.  Knitter sanity has been questioned for far less. 

Ron:  How right you are, Bob!  What knitter hasn't been asked the age-old question, "Why would you knit socks when you can buy them?"  Or an even more classic question, "Don't you think you already have enough yarn?"  One report said that more nonknitters believed in the existence of extra-terrestrial life that would specifically travel billions of miles just to make interesting patterns in crops in the American midwest than that knitting was a "normal" hobby.  Knitletes are largely misunderstood by the public in general, in spite of the best efforts of all yarn-awareness campaigns.

 Bob:  That's true, Ron.  The "Not all clothing can be washed in the machine" campaign has seemingly made no impact in the number of hour-intensive Aran sweaters shrunk into toy-poodle-size by hapless spouses, and the "This is NOT the same sweater you saw at Walmart for $20" campaign has shown NO observable decrease in the post-Christmas needle-stabbing admissions to hospital emergency rooms.  It appears the messages are falling on deaf ears. 

Ron:  It does indeed, Bob.  Let's hope the upcoming "Hand-knitted gifts are NOT cheaper" campaign set to launch in October meets with more success.  Perhaps we'll see a decrease in the after-Christmas knitter-on-nonknitter violence this year.

Bob:  I hope so, Ron.  I think on the scale of causes of gift-related injuries, unappreciated knitted gifts rate second only to appliances-as-gifts-from-husbands.  Obviously, knitting is not without peril for ANY concerned.

Ron:  Keep it tuned here to the Wide World of Wool for all the latest knitting news and developments.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ravellenics - Day Four

Bob:  We're here at the Ravellenic Games on Day 4, and Ms. Sutton has just earned THREE medals with a single Gingerbread Hat:

Ron:  That's right, Bob.  Not only does it earn medals in Cable Steeplechase and the Hat Dash, because this yarn has been in what is known as "deep stash," (owned for more than a year), it qualifies for Synchronized Stash Busting. 

Bob:  This was definitely deep stash, Ron.  Ms. Sutton had actually believed that all of this particular yarn had been used up and had removed it from her Ravelry stash page, so we might call this "subterranean stash."

Ron:  How right you are, Bob.  With the discovery of TWO balls of this yarn as well as the leftover balls from the ABC sweater, Ms. Sutton's stash has actually grown on Ravelry during these games.  This could lead to an inquiry into Ms. Sutton's standing as an effective "Cold Sheeper" for 2012.

Bob:  It does at least raise questions about Ms. Sutton's organizational skills and/or ability to count.  If the games continue to turn up new balls of yarn, an official inquiry will DEFINITELY be launched and her personal credit card may be seized, especially since she continues to moderate the Cold Sheeping thread on Raverly.  

 Ron:  This could have serious implications for Ms. Sutton.  We haven't seen such a yarn-laden scandal since the great Superwash Subterfuge of 1993, which rocked the knitting world in early summer of that year.  We'll be keeping close watch on developments.  In the meantime, Ms. Sutton seems to have moved on to:
which looks like it could be a shrug of some sort--or perhaps a purple alpaca tea cozy? 

Bob:  It's hard to say at this point, though Ms. Sutton's disdain of tea cozies is rather well known in knitting circles, having been overheard to say, "If I'm going to spend my time knitting for a beverage, it sure as h*ll isn't going to be for tea."  I'd guess a sweater seems most likely at this point, as Ms. Sutton now stands at 6 finished sweaters with the 7th month of the year almost over, and she needs to finish 6 more sweaters in 5 months to meet her 12 12s goal.

Ron:  With temperatures soaring to almost 100 here in Boise, that alpaca has to be pretty toasty to be working with.  Any chance Ms. Sutton will change to a cotton or acrylic project if this heat continues?

Bob:  The heat could certainly be a factor during the games this year.  100-degree temperatures may knock the Kauni cardigan out of the games entirely, and certainly raises the chance of a last-minute event substitution.  Hats?  Socks?  Dishcloths?  Ornaments?  There are some much cooler options that we might see if the searing heat continues.  

Ron:  Will the alpaca...whatever....survive the surge in temperatures?  Keep it tuned here to the Wide World of Wool for all the latest developments.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ravellenics - Day 3

Bob:  We're here at day 3 of the Ravellenic games, and I don't mind telling you, today has stunned this reporter.

Ron:   In completely unexpected show of knitterly dedication, Ms. Sutton finished her first WIP by 7:30 this morning:
which gives her three medals in three days, and instead of being distracted by other projects, Ms. Sutton is more than halfway through a Gingerbread hat,
which is cross-competing in no less than THREE events.  If Ms. Sutton finishes this tomorrow, she will have racked up six medals in the first FOUR days of the games--certainly a record for this knitlete and a strong showing for a knitter who has been known to take 4 years to finish just the seams and buttons on a sweater.

Bob:  It is indeed, Ron.  If we continue to see this level of unexpected dedication, Ms. Sutton could possibly finish the 5 remaining WIPs she has entered for the games.

Ron:  She could indeed, Bob, though that will be a stretch of both knitterly dedication and time--not to mention attention span.  With such a strong start, she could easily fizzle or get distracted by that troublesome ball of lace weight which has been spotted on her nightstand.   

Bob:  That is a troubling development, especially this early in the games.  Dedication has never been Ms. Sutton's strong suit, as this WIP clearly shows.  Started in 2004, it has taken her 8 years to knit a small baby sweater--8 years.  Countries have been formed in less time.  With such a track record, will Ms. Sutton be able to keep her focus for the entire 17 days of the games?  Join us here on the Wide World of Wool for all the updates.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ravellenics - Day 2

Ron:  We're here at the first full day of the Ravellenic Games, and in a stunning display of knitterly discipline, Ms. Sutton has just earned her second medal by finishing a mitten ornament
for the Holiday Hurdles.  

Bob:  Two medals in two days--that is impressive, though could this mean that our contestant is getting distracted from WIP Wrestling even earlier than anticipated?

Ron:  Shockingly, she seems to have retained her WIP finishing focus, and is down to just the seams and buttons:
on the first WIP entry.  At 8:41 she's still seaming furiously, so we may see a finished item before the day has ended.
Bob:  Three medals in two days?  That would be a new record for Ms. Sutton as a knitlete--do you think the addition of a training camp has made the difference this year?

Ron:  It's hard to say this early, but even finishing one WIP will be more dedication than Ms. Sutton has shown so far this year.  Still, she has five WIPS entered in the games this year, and finishing one WIP is much different than finishing all five.  

Bob:  Five WIPs--that would truly be an impressive feat, and would bring Ms. Sutton to NINE finished sweaters for the year, putting her ahead of schedule for her 12 sweaters goal.  Could it possibly happen?  

Ron:  It's early days yet, but I think it would be an astounding accomplishment for her to finish all four sweaters by the end of the games, especially the Kauni cardigan.  Colorwork in fingering weight yarn could derail even the toughest competitor, and there are sleeves and steaking involved.  More dedicated knitters than Ms. Sutton have folded under such strain.

Bob:  How right you are, Ron.  It may be too much for Ms. Sutton, but we may still at least see one medal in the WIP Wrestling.  Will it be tonight?  Keep it tuned here to the Wide World of Wool for all the latest updates. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ravellenics - Day 1

Bob:  We're here at the first day of the 2012 Ravellenic games.  Ms. Sutton has shown an early burst of speed with an early medal in the Frogging Trampoline.

Ron:  That's right, Bob.  Not only has she frogged with great speed and agility, the icky blue acrylic yarn has been tossed into a donation bin.  We haven't seen Ms. Sutton part with yarn willingly very often--if ever--and that was a surprising early move.  

Bob:  It certainly was.  Considering the bin full of Red Heart acrylic yarn she insists is for ornaments and other crafting items--not to mention the stash of Fun Fur recently uncovered--it's surprising to learn there is any yarn so icky that Ms Sutton might part with it.  

Ron:  Too true, Bob!  Perhaps the recent sewing room shelf project has truly created a sense of moderation in our competitor.

Bob:  That seems unlikely, Ron, as Ms. Sutton was seen to be briefly browsing lace shawl patterns shortly before the games began.  However, she is showing surprising dedication in the start of the games by moving straight on to WIP Wrestling.  We show here 
a finished sleeve and started second sleeve of a sweater that has been languishing since 2004.  If she continues at this rate, we could see the second medal as early as tomorrow.

Ron:  That would be a real first for Ms. Sutton, especially since she has also entered the Hat Dash and Holiday Hurdles, which both involve new projects and could well damage Ms. Sutton's dedication to her entries for WIP Wrestling.  

Bob:  The Hat Dash may be the one to look out for, Ron, as Ms. Sutton has finished only 6 hats so far for the year and needs 6 more to complete her "12." If this baby sweater brings her up to 6 of the 12 sweaters needed for the year, then it's neck-and-neck and the enticement of a new project might be too much for this competitor.  

Ron:  It could go either way.  We'll check in here at the Ravellenic Games tomorrow to see if Ms. Sutton continues in her early dedication.  Keep it tuned here to the Wide World of Wool for all the updates.

Let The Games Begin!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ravellenic Games - The Pregame Show

Bob:  With the 2012 Ravellenic Games less than 24 hours away, we're here with one of the contestants.  Ms. Sutton, as a previous knitlete, what can you tell us about this year's games?

Toni:  Well, as you know, Bob, there's been some contention with the U.S. Olympic Committee that Americans knitting in something called the "Ravelympics" denigrates U.S. Olympic athletes, while having their uniforms made in China by underpaid workers does not.  In the end, it was decided that since the knitters had no unskilled workers to exploit for profit or sponsorships to sell to fast food and chemical companies, it would be best to rename the knitting games to preserve the purity of the Ravellenic spirit.

Ron:  Has the controversy changed the games at all?

Toni:  Yes--this year we have more than 11,000 knitters worldwide set to denigrate the U.S. athletes, and an event that normally gathers no press coverage has been covered by NPR, the Atlantic Monthly, Business Week, as well as various news sources around the globe, so the knitting games have gained fame, recognition, and an additional 2,000 knitters.   It's unknown whether the controversy picked up 2000 additional supporters for the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Bob:  In the last games--Ravelympics 2010--you competed in the Sweatercross by completing an entire sweater in 17 days.  Will you be attempting a similar event this year?

Toni: I did consider  it, but this:
encouraged me to try WIPS  Wrestling, as well as finding the lid for the WIPs bin.  

Ron: So will you be exclusively wrestling WIPS?

Toni:  No, Ron.  My first event will be the Frogging Trampoline, where this
 will be thrown into the official Ravellenic Frog Pond.  

Bob:  Now this is a new event for you, isn't it?

Toni:  It is, Bob.  Normally I don't like to admit that I am never going to finish a project, but in a mad cleaning frenzy a few years ago, the rest of the yarn for this project was donated to charity, so since I now couldn't finish this baby sweater even if I wanted to, it's a bit easier. 

 Ron:  I imagine it is.  Now you've been doing some serious training for these games, am I correct?

Toni:  You are indeed, Ron.  In addition to the Ravelympics Training Dash, I've been doing physical therapy, stretching and toning,
 and have started a vest in fingering weight on size 1 and 3 needles,
 just to make everything else seem much, much faster. 

Bob:  Impressive.  And what other types of preparation do the games require?  

Toni:   There has been a trip to the library:
 the grocery store:
 and the pharmacy:
Ron:  Are knitletes tested for drug use?

Toni:  Oh, certainly not!   Drug or alcohol use is expected--and positively encouraged when signing up for events.  How else would the Sweater Triathalon, Shawl Sailing, or Afghan Marathon get competitors?  

Bob:  That is a good point.  Stay tuned here to the Wide World of Wool as we bring you continuing coverage of the 2012 Ravellenic games.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random Wednesday

 For those of you who are curious about EZ's Epaulet Jacket shaping, you can see some of it here:
I'm guessing the shoulder will be a bit boxy since it's based on a square, but I still want to see how it turns out.

The TENTH cross stitch thread is in progress:
though not quite finished.  Obviously, doing 12 threads on this thing is actually keeping me sort of interested in it.  If I were thinking about ALL the stitching left to be done, I'd be sobbing in the corner, but just having to do 12 threads on it is doable.  I think.

The sewing room project has generated a few patterns and books to be donated:
I wish it were overflowing, but getting myself to admit that there is ANYTHING in there I don't need or won't eventually make is rather a unique accomplishment, so it's a start.

Speaking of starts, 
 The new "Baby Attitude" quilt is in process.  I was a bit disappointed to see the quotation marks turn out to be going the wrong direction, but after playing on the software program for a little while, it turns out I don't have the faintest idea how to have fixed that anyway, so we'll chalk this up to "close enough."
 Three saying blocks are done, a fourth is on the machine, and
one of the checkerboard squares is assembled!  I'm really wishing right how I had made it "12 sweaters, shawls, or quilts."  Maybe next time..........

Monday, July 23, 2012

For Next Time...

Andy added this wonderful little shelf to my temporary sewing furniture to hold the long, thin things like my blocking wires, sleeve board, and longest rulers.
And we're seeing it again TODAY so you can remind me of it the next time I'm about to spend 30 minutes rummaging around in the sewing room for that plastic ruler grid.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It All Started Here:

This is my EZ's Epaulet Sweater.  It would actually be farther along by now if I hadn't been dumb enough to treat this like any other sweater.  Most top-down sweaters will have increases on BOTH sides of the markers for the sleeves if they have markers for the sleeves.  This is called "raglan" and is a sweater style that those of us who weren't Elizabeth Zimmerman use to make sweaters.  But the reason I am making this particular sweater is to learn her shaping technique for this particular sweater.  It starts with a long skinny band of garter, then you knit a rectangle just on the center stitches, then you pick up stitches on one side of that rectangle and knit another rectangle, then repeat on the other side, and then shape that skinny band into the neck band.  (Thank heavens there is a chart in the book for this--otherwise I would be writing this from a corner in the back of my closet surrounded by frogged and tear-soaked purple yarn).  Now this is not normal shaping, so the fact that I did several rows of increases on BOTH sides of the markers means I am an idiot.  Why, after encountering the Baby Surprise Jacket,

would I not realize that she doesn't do anything the "normal" way?  It would be like being surprised that she's using garter stitch or that I would have a sidekick while crafting.
I had no choice but to tink several rows--not all of them, though, since I thought I could probably live with a few extra stitches--as frogging is out of the question for this sweater.  I don't even want to imagine the horror of trying to figure out where I was in the pattern and turning and picking up stitches and trying to figure out what I was dropping and picking up--it would have left me flattened out right beside Theo.  Had I followed the pattern closer, I think I might have already used up the first ball of yarn:
which is my big driving force right now.  What if I beat my best year's yardage?  This is how Type A people knit.  Or type A people who have been schlepping their yarn around the house for three months.

The sweater is getting enough stitches that I thought it was time to switch to a circular, but the only circulars I could find were shorter than the combination of my 2 straight needles, which would have made the problem worse.  There was a weak moment when I started looking at needles online, but then I thought, "Wait!  These are size 7s--there is NO way I don't have more circular options," which led to a one hour sorting and inventory process on Ravelry of my circulars and DPNs, and:
a longer circular!  It's not as long as I had hoped, but I think it will get me through the longest rows if I squish a lot, and it will keep my Visa and me off yarn store websites.

I had never thought to put my needles on the Ravelry inventory page as I didn't really see the point--or was afraid of the results...one of those two--but I think this will help me keep straight if I need to be looking through projects for needles or if I truly don't have the needle size.  I didn't figure out everything--I'm not clear exactly on how many sets of my favorite size 1 dpns I actually have, but it's at least 3 maybe 4, but they're not a brand I see all the time any more and they are my absolute favorites (Susan Bates Quicksilver) for socks, so knowing I have 3 or 4 sets probably won't deter me from getting another set or two in the future.  I have some wooden sock needles, but I don't ever use them.  I love wooden needles in general, but size 1 wooden needles just scare me.  They're slightly thinner than toothpicks or bamboo skewers, and how many of those have I broken, and they aren't $15-$30 a pop.  I will save them for lace when the need for less slippery needles overrides my fear of breaking them--just as soon as I'm dumb enough to knit lace on size ONE needles.......................

Saturday, July 21, 2012


The sewing room is progressing!
 It was really hard to start hanging things initially, but I finally found the motivation when I couldn't find the right pair of scissors for anything.  I still can't locate the extra bobbins for the Husqvarna machines, so I'm sticking to things made with colors of threads I already have bobbins assigned to, but at least this helps a bit.  Of course, the fact that we're having company in a few weeks is also a great motivator.  Amazingly, I didn't want to have to explain why they would both have to get in bed on the same side because the far side was completely blocked off by sewing things.  Perhaps this is a sign I need approval or have some sort of odd ego thing going on, but since it got me motivated to clean and reassemble the sewing room, I'm totally cool with whatever the problem is.  I'd make it even worse if I could--my closet needs some work as well.........

Friday, July 20, 2012


Finally!  First, a picture of the new socks:
which I thought about keeping for myself, but if I put them in the gift bin I get to count them as one of my 12 gifts for the year.  Which works for me, as I really don't wear gray.  AND this used up the last of the 3 double-balls of this yarn, which I bought at least 6 or 7 years ago, which put me over 10,000 AND gives me number 65 in the "all used up tab."  I promised myself I could think about stopping Cold Sheeping when I get that tab to 150, and am really trying to be good and not just focus on the single-ball entries.  This one only showed 2 because one was knit up before Ravelry, but there were at least 3 origininally--if not 4.  I am thorough when I go on a yarn binge.

I was so excited about hitting my target on time that I whipped out another Tribble:
though it doesn't do anything for my yardage.  Because these take so little yarn and it's so hard to estimate, I've decided to just count the ball when it's all used up--and just my luck this is made with a 603-yard monster skein.  That's a lot of Tribbles--which I guess one should expect.....
Yeah, something like that.

I have already dug into the yarn bin for a new project:
which will be either a hat or a Baby Surprise Jacket.  I should do the BSJ as I think the 12 sweaters idea is going to be the real hurdle this year.  Or maybe the 12 sewn clothing items, since this:
was only number 2 and it's mid July already.  I finished this last week, but didn't get a photo posted.  There's something really perverse about finishing a fleece tunic when it's 108 degrees outside, so I tried it on briefly enough to assure myself that it fit and has the correct number of arms and everything, but anything more than that will need to wait until the snow flies.......We have dropped down to 100 yesterday and are targeted for "just" the mid to high 90s today and tomorrow, but I have decided that summer and I are just not on speaking terms this year.  We actually had TWO days of 108 temperatures, which is totally uncalled for.  It nature wants me, it can behave better than that, and I refuse to have anything to do with it until it does.


Thursday, July 19, 2012


I just finished the socks, and have tied my best record for when I passed the 10,000 yard mark!!!!!!!!!  Can I meet or beat the 19,000 yards used in 2008????

I do realize that some knitters would be excited about the pair of socks that was just finished and a bit less obsessed about yardage, but they didn't just have to move their entire stash out of the sewing room, then back in again......

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wouldn't You Know It?

I'm trying to reach 10,000 by Thursday and what am I doing?  Working on socks with size ONE needles and fingering weight yarn, with a massive 460-yard ball of yarn.  Oh yeah--I see this going well.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


The new scarf is done,
which brings me to 9,742 yards of yarn for the year.  I'd like to say I didn't sort through my yarn stash looking for a quick project involving a skein of 260 yards, but I'd also like to be able to eat chocolate without putting on the pounds--and that certainly hasn't happened.  My fantasies obviously have NOTHING to do with the real world.

In the end, I opted to cast on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Epaulet sweater:
I'm using Lion Brand Wool-Ease, which isn't my favorite for sweaters, but I had bought a couple bags of the stuff when I was trying to convince myself to learn steeking, thinking that I'd rather cut up cheaper yarn than nice stuff, but I did learn to do it anyway, and have had this yarn lurking in the closet for a while.  This is a brilliant but complicated pattern, so the odds of me making a mistake are pretty high, so I thought this would be a good project/yarn match.  It's another of her seamless sweater ideas, and first one knits what will be the collar band, then starts knitting little bits for different parts--the second step was to knit a rectangle in the center of the band, and now I'm knitting a shoulder "saddle" at a right angle to that rectangle.  It's all in garter stitch, so eventually it will be nice, mindless knitting.  Eventually.  Right now I'm in the "blind faith" stage, and must constantly double check each direction.  By the time Andy brought me a white chocolate martini to celebrate the end of a very long week, I was almost positive that either EZ or I, or possibly both, were completely out of our minds.........

After getting a bit boggled with the new pattern, I gave the socks a little attention:
and the fact that they're using a big, massive 460-yard ball of yarn that will finish up an entire entry on my Ravelry stash page (after starting with 3 or 4 balls of this stuff) had a lot to do with my motivation.  I've promised myself to re-evaluate Cold Sheeping once I get to 150 entries in my "all used up" tab on Ravlery, and the new scarf brings me to 64.  Looking this up is what kept me from doing the truly insane last night:  casting on a new sweater in fingering yarn and size ONE needles.  Because having an insane crafting goal involving 12 sweaters in one year and being two behind is EXACTLY why such a crazy thing would occur to me.  I'm probably lucky I didn't cast on a lace bedspread.

I am finally biting the bullet today and putting pinholes in my nice painted walls in the sewing room:
 which will hopefully make it possible to start doing some real sewing again.
This morning I finally found the box that was probably packed up first:  the one containing the stuff I use most.  Scissors, pin cushions, marking pens, tracing wheels, and while Scavenger Hunt Sewing has been a new angle, it has made it really difficult to cut out patterns, sew them together, or pretty much do anything except the "Scavenger Hunt" part.  Not that it hasn't been fun, but it's not helping much with taming the fabric stash.  If I am ever feeling really idiotic, I'll figure up the yardage of fabric that I have--but that can wait a while.  Like until I'm 89.............

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Right Wool Can Overcome Heat

Scorching heat aside,
I still love this project.  To be fair, it wasn't until after I started it that I discovered that the "yarn needed" notes on Ravelry aren't accurate, so I made a shorter shrug than the pattern called for, and if it looks odd on the right, it's because my mattress stitching there is so wonky that I'll be ripping it out and starting over, so it's only partially done.  BUT it still counts as finished sweater number FIVE.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!  When we get out of the perpetual state of sweat, I might even be willing to try it on.  It's supposed to "only" get to 104 today.  Whew!  Good thing I have wool in such a break from heat!

Aside from having a new finished sweater, I am tremendously proud of myself for this sweater because I used gift yarn for it.  I struggle with using up any really great yarn in my stash--you know, because then I won't have the yarn any more--but I become a positive maniac over gift yarn.  RobinH sent this luscious, squishy yarn to me more than a year ago, and it has taken me this long to use it because I didn't want the yarn to be all gone.  Thankfully, the Great Sewing Room project helped put the yarn supply in perspective--and ending up with a great sweater, which I have room for, rather than great yarn, which I don't, might have been a factor.  Now I just have to wait for winter!

With a finished sweater, you might have thought I'd rush out immediately and start another one, wouldn't you?  Well,
I didn't.  I started a scarf instead.  Was I inspired by the yarn?  A new scarf idea?  Nope.  I was inspired by this.  Crossing the 10,000 yards of yarn mark is obviously a pretty big moment for me each year, and right now I'm at 9540 yards.  If I can cross the 10,000 yard mark by July 18, it will be my new record.  Yes--this is how Type A people knit.  This is also how I keep telling myself that I have a ten year stash of yarn rather than a 15-20 year one.  2008 is still my best yardage year ever (since I've been tracking) with just over 19,000 yards, so I am now obsessed with reaching 10,000 by July 18, which will put me on track to at least tie my best year ever.  Oh, yes--there would be a finished scarf involved as well.  I almost forgot about that part.....

For those who don't  know me very well, I'm going to blame this obsessive behavior on the heat...................

Monday, July 9, 2012


According to the news, Boise just set a record high temperature today of 108.  I know--that's a refreshing day in Arizona, but this is IDAHO.  We're a northern state.  We get winter and everything.  This is crazy hot for us.

I am hosting my knitting group tonight, and I have already notified everyone that the air conditioner is on full blast and that the house is livable, though if it gets any hotter, I may have to relent and make it "clothing optional."  Meanwhile, I need to go find a non-wool project for tonight.  Even with the air conditioning blasting, it is STILL too hot to handle wool. 

Argh!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I just say that??????????????????

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Okay, so in one light:

Tonight, however, when I was showing the sweater to Andy, it looked more like this:
NOOOO!!!!  A cheap, mass-produced acrylic yarn had dye lot variations!!!!!!!! 

I'll admit, I have gotten very lazy about checking dye lots on big commercially produced yarns, and this stuff is TLC Wiggles which was made by Red Heart--the kings of the mass produced yarn!  I don't imagine ANYTHING in their yarn process is done by humans--how does this still have dye lots?

Sigh.......I'm going to send the sweater as a gift anyway and just hope they don't notice.   If they notice, I'm going to blame it on all the nifty drugs.  Or age--does 41 count as old enough to be "slightly batty" to those in their 20s?  Would it help if we got another cat?

Friday, July 6, 2012


Sweater number 4 and hat number 6 are done!
That makes me still behind, but it is done BEFORE the birth of its destined owner, so still an improvement in my normal program.

The Ravellenic games are coming in a couple weeks, and I'm going to try to finish a couple sweater WIPs during the games (which have nothing to do with any televised events of any sort), which will bring me closer to being on schedule, and maybe if there's a quick shrug in bulky yarn and big needles before the start,
I could actually be on target for the 12 sweaters for the year.  OK, I didn't begin the year planning that 3 of the sweaters would be baby or toddler size, but I pride myself on my ability to disregard rules flexibility.  I didn't actually say they couldn't be baby-sized, though I'll admit that I do have enough pride to be unwilling to consider doll-sized.  One has one's limits........or at least until December............

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lesson Learned Tonight

Always have a very simple knitting project on-hand for the 4th of July, so when our nitwit neighbors are still shooting off illegal fireworks until well after midnight, I have something simple to do when I can't sleep.......

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thank You, Theo....

 Thanks to a rather persistent wake-up kitty,
I was up slightly before 5:00 AM this morning, so I've had lots of time to do stuff today.  I even did an early morning grocery run and managed to be in, out, and home carrying groceries in by 7:30 AM.  Not that I'm agreeing that this is a good program or even tolerable, and I might have disrupted a few of Theo's naps today in retaliation, but it did give me some extra time today.  So,
the 9th Christmas ornament is done,
all the knitting on the new baby sweater is finished and I'm down to just sewing seams,
I've started the matching beret, and....
a few more things are in the sewing room!  While not very attractive, this is the best way to get the yarn tubs in the room without blocking anything.  I won't swear how accessible that bottom shelf will be, but everything else can be reached.  And the top tub contains this
which is all the yarn I hope to use up from stash before the end of the year.  No, I haven't checked to see if the amount actually exceeds my entire yardage in an entire year--I thought I'd surprise myself............