Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bah! I Have a Cold

Sunday was (hopefully) our last day of temperatures in the 90s.  On Monday, I caught a cold.  Not even slightly funny.

I did manage to finish the third rope bowl from the 3/8-inch bowl,
and I think I'm ready to move on to some smaller rope projects.

The dressmaker's dummy (still in need of a name) had her first assignment,
and made the facing a breeze!  This is the third jacket I've made from this pattern, and on the first two jackets I had to stitch the facing many, many times to get it right.  It has to be basted, then top-stitched.  I hand-basted the yoke area, did massive pinning, and it got it right the very first try!  That was worth the price right there.  I'm down to just a few buttonholes, and can count another finished WIP.  I'm aiming for 15 WIPs in a row, but the knitting ones are taking so long that I am going to incorporate sewing WIPs.  I've been working diligently on the peach stole,
which is about to finish off its first ball of yarn.  It's sort of exciting to be that far along, but it will use most of THREE balls, so it isn't exactly close to being finished.  I don't want to stop the WIP marathon, but it gets a bit overwhelming at times, and I think incorporating sewing WIPs will give me a boost........and clear up some space in the sewing room...........:)