Monday, October 27, 2014

Well, Where Did THAT Week Go?

Wow.  It's Monday again.  I swear that was not a full week.  Or maybe it was a bit too full--depending on how one wants to look at it.

A few weeks ago I had twisted wrong and popped my hip out of place.  The probable good news is that because I work the muscles quite a bit, it took a fair bit to get my hip out of place this time.  The definite bad news is that I still managed it AND it hurt like crazy.  I was able to get it back in, but that hurt as well, and in spite of getting back on the medications for inflammation and pain, I still managed to wind up some of the problem muscle spots again.  I had several really bad days, started to get better, and then had physical therapy on Thursday.  The good news is that while the bad spots had gotten tight, they hadn't truly knotted again, which is terrific progress.  The bad news is that it still really hurts whether the muscles are "just tight" or "knotted,"  and physical therapy left me flattened for several days.  I should be back to 4-mile walks by the end of the week, so definitely faster recovery time, but it's been a long couple of weeks.  Which explains
why there has been a fair bit of knitting happening.  The finished chemo cap and socks bring me to 95 finished projects for the year,  The second pair of socks is because stockinette is just about the only thing I can do on medication, and the lace edging is potentially for Christmas decorating.  I was originally thinking garland, but I've only got 150 yards of the heavier crochet thread, so now I'm thinking mantle scarf.  I'm also sort of thinking 2015 as well, because I had forgotten how much cotton can hurt the hands.  If only I could knit lace while on pain meds..........