Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Year of the Stash

January 1 - it begins.

This year I am buying no new yarn or fabric.

That's right, for 2008 Joann's, Elann.com, and Knitpicks.com will have to find alternative funding sources--I am only making projects from my existing stash.

As my first day dawned, I had to decide--is this about decreasing the overall volume of the stash, saving money, or getting long-planned projects finished? While all are fabulous motives, what do I really want to accomplish?

As I sit surrounded by shelves & tubs full of fiber, I had to admit--my number one priority is to decrease the size of the stash. This means that while I love lace knitting & will certainly do a lace project or two, the bulkier yarn & fabrics will be taking a higher priority. While I adore lace yarn, it's easier to store than, say, the bulky-weight mohair blend that reminds me a bit of an unshorn poodle. Fleece fabric will take priority over chiffon. It's a space issue--the stash has grown large enough that we may be claiming it as a dependent on our taxes this year. To kick the year off, I cast on a lovely WORSTED WEIGHT cardigan from the August 2007 issue of Knit 'n Style:

Admittedly, not my favorite knitting magazine, and part of me resents knitting anything called "Fashionista," but my office is cold and I wear cardigans all the time. And I am already 1/15th of the way done! Just watch my speed!!!!