Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Down To Ten

Bob:  It's an exciting moment here at Chateau Sutton-Goar today.  Late last night, project number 90 was completed

leaving just 10 projects left to finish in 45 days. If Ms. Sutton can manage to finish a project every 4 and a half days, she'll make her target! 

Ron:  A real breakthrough for Ms Sutton certainly.  though the fifth cornucopia was, in fact, the last one that was so very far along.  To finish the remaining 6, Ms. Sutton will have to spend some dedicated time in the sewing room, and her behavior yesterday
leads me to wonder if her dedication isn't slipping just a bit.
Bob:  I think you may be right, Ron.  Ms. Sutton will have to stay focused, which is going to be a real struggle for the woman who managed to rack up over 35 WIPs at one time.  There was a bit of a "mohair incident" this weekend
which makes one wonder if she is indeed slipping.  While the lace jacket will someday be a lovely project, to get sidetracked by such a large project now could be fatal.

Ron:  That was indeed an unfortunate detour.  Let's just hope Ms. Sutton's recent work on this
shows her getting back on track.

Bob:  Wasn't that hat going to be done in only two colors to save time?

Ron:  I believe you're right, Bob, though considering there was a brief flirtation with the beaded ostrich plume scarf
it's still the best move she has made in knitting during the last week. 

Bob:  Looks like it really could go down to the wire on this one.  Keep it tuned here for our continuing coverage of the 2010 100 Project Challenge.