Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trying to Get To 50

I'm trying to always plan a bit ahead with my sewing--leaving something pinned and ready to sew for the next day, having a next project lined up--that sort of thing.  It helps keep my mind off buying MORE fabric, and it's actually really helping with getting more done.  So this morning when I came into the sewing room with my coffee,
I could finish another seam while waiting for the computer to boot up.  Maybe I really CAN get to 200 yards this year.  If I can reach 50 yards by the end of the month, I'll be on track. 

Sitting too long anywhere makes my hip hurt, so I had to take a break from the sewing machine after attaching 4 of the godets, and Calisto and I decided to talk about the next project. 
Theo has obviously been coaching her on her "helping" techniques.  I think this fabric is a black peachskin I bought to make the green outfit in this pattern:
I've used this pattern quite a bit--having made all the pieces in a green and black paisley peachskin (though I left off the pockets of the skirt, my hips needing no further bulk added to them with strangely-placed pockets), and I wear it a lot because it looks nice and doesn't wrinkle.  In my stash spreadsheet I show 6 yards of black peachskin, but I haven't run across a bigger piece, so maybe I used part of it?  Got it wrong?  It's hard to say, as I haven't been terrific about always adding things, and if I don't have one of my cards attached to the fabric, I couldn't say for sure that it's even in the spreadsheet.  If, however, there are 6 MORE yards of this stuff, that's fine--black is always useful.   This piece is exactly 4.875 yards, which is exactly the yardage I would need to make all three pieces, so I'm thinking this is the fabric I'm looking for.  Note to self:  not keeping track of ALL the fabric one buys doesn't really make the stash smaller.  
 I also sorted through my pattern stash to find some new patterns to work with
 based on fabrics I know I have.  Oddly, THAT is something I've never bothered to do.  My approach to wardrobe planning has always been a bit hit or miss, and when it comes down to planning a wardrobe to sew, completely non-existent.  Picking out the black outfit that would coordinate with all the paisley pieces is a very big step for me.  The odds of me actually getting all three pieces done by the end of the month aren't good, and I'd still be short of 50 yards even if I did, but if I didn't sleep the rest of the month, there is the border print that I cut,
 which was REALLY fast to put together as a table runner and now just needs to have the batting and backing added.  And only 7 days to do all of this?  Sure.........who needs sleep?