Sunday, July 14, 2013

What The Heck Happened?

Really, if one disappears off the face of Blogland, one would hope it was because one has run off to Tahiti for the week.  But alas, the real recap:

* The horrible neighbors' fireworks marathon frightened Theo enough that he got stressed and couldn't pee again, earning him ANOTHER trip to the vet and another pain shot last Saturday

*  Theo ended up with a BONUS trip to the vet on Monday because even while on the pain medication, he couldn't pee, so we are all now thoroughly NOT enjoying the joys of giving antibiotics for a urinary tract infection.  Luckily, after the broken leg saga, I'm pretty quick with liquid meds

*  The stress has aggravated my back, which has led to a few full days of Valium

*  I spoke with my doctor this week, and we decided that the small doses of Valium I take ( a quarter of a pill once or twice a day and half at night MAXIMUM) are probably pretty safe, so he renewed my prescription, trying for 90 pills per refill so I didn't have to go in every month.

*  Insurance companies, which have far more say about American medical treatment than doctors do, feel pretty free to give doctors the raspberry whenever they choose.  My prescription might BE for 90 tablets, but what insurance decides I get are 30 pills, with 3.67 refills remaining. 

*  Dealing with insurance companies aggravates my stress level enough that there was a day of one and a quarter pill.  (did I mention the original prescription allowed 1-2 pills per dose?) 

*  This was not a day to knit, and luckily even I recognized that

*  However,
there has been enough knitting that I have started the edging for the capelet.  The pattern said to just cast on normally, then sew a seam of the edging once it's all attached, but hate seams, so I'm using a provisional cast on and will try grafting the edges together.  I'm not the world's smoothest at grafting lace, but I think I can manage something better than a big obvious seam.

*  There has been sewing,
which is a little bit too big, but wearable, and today
there has been cutting.  I'm making the red dress in the picture--which I've made before and LOVE.  I think I'd gotten muddled when buying the fabric, as I had the yardage in a 54-inch width that was needed for the 45-inch width, so I went digging for something I would use that would take around a yard of suiting, and this
 pattern's skirt worked just perfectly.  It would have been great to also be able to do the shell, but my math hadn't been QUITE that bad.  I'm not sure exactly how long ago I bought the fabric, but it has lovely drape and will be fantastic as a dress and HOPEFULLY as a skirt.  According to my fabric spreadsheet, I paid $10.33 for the fabric, so I'm feeling quite clever today--probably a perfect time for the Crafting Gods to smite me with a power outage or something.  They're like that.................