Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I MAY Be A Bit Behind

So Valentine's Day is 5 days away, and Andy's robe is only partially cut out.  And what have I been doing?

First I thought I'd start working on the pink jacket to get it off the project table
and it probably gets the prize for being the slowest project ever.  Because of the edge stitching and top stitching, every seam must be done three times.  And, to make it even more fun, there are tons of them.  I like it so far, though I always struggle with smooth edge-stitching on pockets, and the fact that the stitching is so visible on this jacket doesn't help.  I can't decide whether or not to add some sort of embroidery to this, or just to leave it as-is.  The top-stitching might be enough decoration I suppose, but something in white on the right yoke perhaps?

The material for the February Project of the Month has been washed and furred,
and because there is nothing like a sewing deadline to make me want to knit,  a little hat for my niece's doll was finished yesterday
That's right.  A new lace project--on size FOUR needles of all things.  Is this a project that will be done quickly?  No.  Is it a project that I need for a gift?  No.  Is it going to help me in the slightest to hit my 25,000 yards of yarn goal?  Highly unlikely.  So of course, how could I resist?