Thursday, May 2, 2013

You Have to Hand It To Google.......

The desktop computer in the sewing room runs on Windows, but my laptop is a Unix machine, so usually if I have problems with something on one of them, the other can usually make it work.  But lately Blogger is not uploading pictures, and whatever the problem is, it crosses both machines.  So, what you are NOT seeing pictures of today:

*  The March Madness sweater, which now has a completed back and maybe 2/3 of a front?  What would make the picture even MORE amazing is that I love this project so much that I'm being a monogamous knitter without forcing myself.  I know--this is such a rare occasion that it would be nice to have photographic proof.  But.....

*  Some in-progress felt gift bags.  They're not very far along, but I'd gotten out the blue felt to make the "blue-work" ornaments last week, and realized I didn't have any gift bags made from the blue felt, so I cut out a few while I had it out.

*  The lovely spring day, which is why the sewing room is empty right now

*  The sun-dried tomato and balsamic vinegar I just made for our dinner party tomorrow evening, which is why there isn't likely to be much crafting on Finishing Friday.

*  Probably at least one picture of my kitty sidekicks, as everything else in our world revolves around them, so why not my blog?