Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finished Projects!

Yesterday I had a really bad cough and my lungs were so congested that they hurt, so I had a Knitting Day.  While I can't recommend the circumstances,
I did get the chemo cap done.  I hate to admit how much of a boost the new yarn has given me because I'd still like to earn that 2-year badge, but having some quick projects has been nice.  In fact,
I forgot to photograph this one.  It was kind of fun, and part of me kept thinking, wow, I could make great Christmas tree garlands out of this stuff, but I'm going to leave well enough alone.  The shelves make things easier to access but in some ways reduced the amount of space in the sewing room, so the big push is still to use up stuff, not add stuff.  I'm still thinking of getting back on the sheep on January 1 to try for the 2-year badge, but this time I'm really going to think it over between now and then, and add a bit of yarn for small projects.  I'll be climbing onto the fabric wagon as well, though I want to locate the pieces for that tree wall hanging pattern first.
I have the feeling it will take me more than a couple tries to get that right, so maybe aim for a few seasons?  

Sunday I finished two embroidered towels,
 and am finishing another set this morning while I have my coffee,
so I am not just caught up on projects, but I am finally AHEAD!  I might actually finish all 100 projects for this year!

I finally added one more orange ribbon to the fall ribbon runner,
which helped break up the brown.  I'm going to bind it in solid black as nothing else I have really works.  Overall, I'm pleased with it.  It's not symmetrical, which is a really big thing for me.  If I had it to do over, I'd probably not use batting but just a still interfacing or fusible fleece.  But this was a pretty big departure for me, and I'm pleased with the result and the fact that I actually did it.  Were it not for the 100-finished-projects goal, I would have started this, been a bit indecisive about how to do it, and set it aside partially done.  But having a Finished Objects goal really helps me overcome that, so I'm thinking of doing it again next year.  Maybe 101...................