Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For April - New Month, New Sweater?

So far this year--The Year of the Stash--I have finished a sewing and a knitting project each month. It's been great--we each have a new pair of pajamas, I have a new cardigan & a new pullover, Andy has a new shop apron, and my pi shawl is done. Sewing takes less time, so a project every month is pretty easy, but since I work full time & do a lot of other things, a knitting project every month is pushing me pretty hard, so I think April will be the Works In Progress month--those half/quarter/two-thirds/mostly finished projects that are hiding in almost every knitting basket and bag I own. If I get a few of those finished--and all the yarn & fabric I'm using this year--I really might be able to see the floor in the sewing room by the end of the year.