Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Tonight's Question Is......

......if it's part of a healthy, committed knitting relationship, is yarn lust bad?

Part of me is quite proud that I'm just half a sleeve away from WIP number 10 in a row:

Another part of me--the one that has a lot of fun ideas but that gets me into the mess of 27 WIPs and owning a 10-year stash--wants to play with yarn. Any yarn--fingering, sport, worsted, lace--so long as it is not part of something already on the needles. One of these

or something from here
or from the other locations I'm not yet ready to disclose to the general public.

This problematic part is most likely my inner child, as my adult side recognizes that with 19 WIPs in progress, I am not exactly lacking for knitting variety. Still, I really, really, REALLY want to cast on something new!!!!

How exactly does one give one's inner child a "time out?"