Sunday, October 6, 2013

Some Crafting During the Crafting Vacation and a Misplaced Camera

Finally, there was actually some crafting during my crafting "vacation."  Not a lot, but there are now three more ornaments,
and if I could find my actual camera, you might be able to see my attempt at stippling on the felt heart.  I can't, and haven't yet figured out how to do much with the camera on my phone, so you'll have to take my word for it.  These still leave me quite a bit behind, but at least there are new ornaments.

My big goal for this weekend was to get some LONG overdue birthday presents done.  I'm not as positive what Theo's goal was,
 except to "help" by laying on everything in turns and shedding over everything.  It's a very important step in all my crafting projects.  

With the house overflowing with fresh-picked produce, I spent the morning drying some sweet peppers and roasting, peeling, and freezing 3 dozen poblano peppers, but I still had time to finish these up this afternoon.
Both birthdays were over the summer, so being late obviously isn't a huge issue for me, but I would like to get them delivered before Halloween. 

I did the backs with the same design in order to speed things up a bit,
and they're not really this faded out in person.  My plans for this weekend, of course, involved finishing up dozens of ornaments and finally getting the buttonholes on the floral jacket marked and made, and perhaps polishing off a small pile of sewing WIPs, but reality and I have never spent a great deal of time together--and especially not in the sewing room.  Right now, I'd settle for finding the camera I can actually work.................