Monday, October 21, 2013

The New Ornament Is Progressing....

....but I'm not going to discuss how long it took me to get the cats turned inside out:
The tails had me a bit baffled until I finally consulted the directions and realized that they wrap around the cat from the back.  At first I just thought I had done it wrong.  I think they'll be quite cute when done,
and so far they resemble the pictures in the book.  I'm not a huge fan of the "country" look, so I won't be making the goose anytime soon, but maybe the teddy bear or the rabbit.  I also dug up the cookie cutters again since the whole idea is that you trace the shape onto the back of the fabric, stitch that shape, reinforce it a bit with a small zig-zag right outside of the seam, THEN cut them out.  I can do that with most shapes, and I think it will be a great way to use up fabric scraps.  I was surprised that they didn't use Christmas fabrics, but when you see the ornaments, it doesn't really matter.  I am using a Christmas fabric scrap, but I don't think it's even necessary really.  I have some shapes a friend sent me, so I think this is about to be a really fun thing to explore.

And since I had the stuffing out,
the three latest knitted balls are finally getting stuffed.  I never seem to get them exactly round, but I have learned to not stretch them too much as some of the threads show through from the back.  Part of me wishes I had bought more color options than I did for these ornaments, but the saner part of me reminds that part that at the time I felt like I was buying a crazy amount of yarn, and I have used up only one ball of white thus far.  Eventually, I can get more colors and have green and metallic balls as well, and maybe by then I'll have used up enough yarn to have space for them.  At the current rate, it will take me about 4 more years to get all the way through the book,
and I might feel ready to buy yarn again at some point before then.  In the meantime,

78 ornaments to go!!!!!!!!!!!