Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Swear I Did Stuff Today

...but I'm not sure what.  I know I can chalk a big chunk of the day up to physical therapy.  I'm trying to do the exercises to strengthen my hip without irritating my back, and tried adding back in a couple exercises today.  Just in case, I rested on the heating pad between them, so I'm hoping I won't be paying for that tomorrow, though the thing most likely to make the current pain worse is for my hip to move and have to be moved back into place, so if the trade off is small pain versus large pain, it's a pretty easy choice.  There was a bit of knitting today,
and the back for the "March Madness" sweater is almost done.  Apparently I didn't specify March of which year.  But I am loving this sweater.

I had a new idea for ornaments today,
which involves embroidering squares of felt, then sewing them onto larger squares of fabric as sort of a frame.  So I spent some time finding designs and loading them on the card, then doing a few squares, but it hurt too much to sit to continue much further.  I'll use felt for the first ones, but I could also see doing some more interesting things with the backing fabric.  The lovely thing about the insane ornament goal is that it is finally pushing me to experiment and try new things, because I can always give the ornaments I'm less pleased with to the relatives who never thank us for any gifts anyway.................:)