Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Again

And I'm wearing the new peachskin pants.  One of these days I'm going to sit down and make a list.  I think I can still do this with 20 new/unworn items, but I'll need to find a bit more sewing time.  And more knitting time.  Who needs sleep? 
Besides Theo?

I did get 8 towels embroidered last week
 under careful supervision:
which was probably best as I hadn't embroidered in so long I was rusty and made mistakes.  I even tried a new freestanding lace and applique ornament set,
and, by the way, 2 layers of tulle doesn't work very well as the fabric.  Organza might--I'll try that next time.  Cotton works well,
and I'm really hoping leftover peachskin does as well: 
 I made two black and gold ornaments yesterday, but I didn't get one trimmed very well, so it's for the top of the tree where no one can see the little tuft of black sticking out.  I love this one.  The supervisor wasn't impressed,
 but she rarely is. 

 The BIG crafting news is
I bought a loom!  It's a 15-inch Cricket, and on and off I'd been thinking about a loom, but just couldn't justify it.  But with the new job, I'm resting on the heating pad more and my carpal tunnel problems have acted up, so once it's warped, I can use this one in bed.  The lengths I will go to in order to play with yarn.  As you can see, I am no natural.  The yarn is some icky Red Heart supersaver acrylic, so this is a throw-away item.

When I ordered it, I read the reviews carefully, but didn't read the description very well because I didn't know what any of the terms meant.  So imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found:
Yep.  Yarn.  I am the first Cold-Sheeper since I started the thread on Ravelry 7 years ago to buy yarn by accident.  The current consensus is that, while I am a bit of an idiot, it doesn't end my badge streak.  That would be best, as getting knocked off my streak would give me a fabulous reason to buy more yarn for the new loom, and the whole idea behind the loom is to use up some of my stash more quickly.  The heddle it came with is perfect for worsted weight yarn, so as soon as this stops looking so awful,
I'm taking my big bag of worsted-weight wool and going on a scarf frenzy.  That would REALLY free up some space in the sewing room.