Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Flower Basket Dash

It's spring, and time for another basket-dash on Ravelry..or in the blog world.  Really, it's just a way to make spring cleaning about yarn, but isn't everything really about yarn anyway, or is that just me? 


Between March 16 and May 31, find the cheeriest bag or basket you own and fill it with:

Azalea – finish 1 WIP
Poinsettia – complete one holiday decoration or gift EARLY
Carnation – make one gift
Daffodil – finish a second WIP
Tulip – start and finish 1 project
Jasmine - make a project you’ve wanted to make for at least one year
Columbine – donate one item (yarn or otherwise) to charity
Aster – finish a third WIP
Crocus – try a new technique
Rose – write someone a real letter or notecard
Lavender – do something nice for yourself that DOESN’T involve buying yarn
Lilacs – take a 30 minute walk somewhere you can smell flowers
Poppy – contact someone you haven’t seen or talked to in at least 6 months
Daisy – finish or frog one item
Hyacinth - try something new
Lily - make something involving a flower--the name of the yarn, the name of the pattern, an actual flower, or reminds you of a flower
Primrose - Flash Your Stash!!!!! Take pictures of your entire stash to share with our group for the annual April unveiling!
Cosmos – spend one hour organizing your stash or cleaning your craft room
Zinnia – make something in bright colors
Marigold – Decrease your stash by 1,000 yards
Petunia – plant something. It can be a real plant in a garden or a houseplant, or teach someone you know how to knit

As always, feel free to include your other craft hobbies as well. Insane stashes rarely travel alone……………:)