Friday, March 21, 2014

A "Crafting" Friday

I'd love to be able to show you something I finished today, but at least there was crafting. 

My hip/back still hurts, but I'm recovering from last week's setback pretty quickly.  I was able to walk 3 miles yesterday, and about a mile today.  I can't really sit yet, so
I took the opportunity to continue cutting out the latest jacket.  This pique cotton has been in my stash for a while.  I don't have exact records of dates, but I purchased just under 6 yards of this stuff for $8.81 at some point, and made this in 2009:

which is just perfect for gardening--even if I look a bit like a frog in it.  It softens up with washing, so it will make a nice casual jacket.  Not bad for about $9. 

Luckily, my "helper" didn't discover my activity until everything was cut out,
and I was just trying to get pieces marked.  Of course,
his instinct for covering both the first pattern piece AND the instructions is as unerring as always.   I did manage to get a small piece sewn,
and Theo's intervention does give me time to consider my top-stitching strategy.  This thread is just a couple shades lighter.  I could go darker, or I could go all the way to white--both of which would be more noticeable than the green, which would look nice if I can get it smooth, but would also increase the pressure to actually GET my stitching smooth.  Exactly matching would make the jacket a bit too plain, so I'll think about it. 

My excursion to Joann's to find more of the music flannel for Andy's pajamas turned out exactly as expected--a failure.  So,
I bought solid black flannel and will go with the blended look.  I did manage to buy nothing else, which was exciting, but I'm still annoyed that the pattern was wrong.

The March Madness Sweater hasn't received any attention yet today, but
there has been some knitting on the child's sweater.  I'll admit--I'm mostly into this because I'm about to finish up another ball of yarn, but it is also a MUCH less complicated pattern than my MM sweater, and sometimes even the best of us needs a break from lace.  Hopefully it's a short break, as I could still finish the MM sweater in the next 10 days, which would be quite exciting.  Ideally, I need to finish a few things in the next 10 days.  To hit my goal of 100 projects and 100 yards of fabric, both should be at 25 by the end of the month.................and neither are very close.  Must. Craft. Faster!!!!!!