Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 8 - Monogamy is getting to me

The back for the pink cardigan is almost done, the fronts are on the final decrease, I'm over halfway there on the knitting....and I'm getting bored. I don't think it's just a stockinette stitch problem, although that has never been known for its excitement factor. I generally flit between 4-5 (10-11) knitting projects at a time, and this one-project-at-a-time idea is getting to me. I was hoping to finish one knitting project a month, and in order to do that, "flitting" won't work. I may have to start promising myself a little lace fling after every 20 rows....

Fidelity is easier when sewing--the projects take less time, it's almost easier to finish than to pack up the project & put it away, and my wardrobe needs the help. In addition to the finished pajamas,

I just have the finishing hand sewing to do on this:

It's my first adventure with microsuede, which is sad since there are at least 25 yards of the stuff in the closet, and it was a little hard to work with. It's much harder to cut than most of my favorite fabrics, and some things are impossible with it--invisible hems, for one. I resorted to a hem using decorative stitching instead--and of course not getting to do all that lovely hand sewing just broke my heart....:)

Still, another 3 yards gone from the stash, although I don't really get to count it until it's officially "done." That "waiting for hand sewing" could become a VERY big pile otherwise....