Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A New Year And Back to Zero

Okay--100 finished projects.  I can do this--and have done it many times. But it is a bit daunting when one is at zero.

For the first Me Made Monday of 2017, I wore what I call my "clown" socks.  They're so loud that I put a bobble pattern on the leg:
which didn't go as badly when we went snowshoeing as I had thought.  It's been too cold here to do more than a mile, but since we're in the middle of yet ANOTHER snowstorm,
it's nice to have snowshoes to be able to negotiate the local streets.  Subdivisions never get plowed here--they barely do the main streets--so my little Toyota Corolla is going to be safe in the garage for a bit.  Thank heavens I haven't found a job yet!

I took down Christmas decorations yesterday, but I did take a break to start the stippling on the second runner,
 and am working on it again this morning over morning coffee:
(Note to self:  make sure at least SOME coffee has kicked in before trying to sew.)

While I'm not going to attempt 100 yards of fabric this year, I did run across the listing for the mauve fleece in my fabric spreadsheet,
and I believe there are 3.5 yards of it.  As we're not expected to get above freezing for some time yet,  I'm thinking this might be one of my first projects for the year.  Somewhere I have a pattern for fleece "lounge wear," and the pattern looks both simple AND warm.  At this point, I'd take either of those.  AND fleece takes up more room than other fabrics, so starting the year with a big visible dent has a lot to be said for it as well. 

100 projects to go.....I can do this...