Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There Has Been No Knitting

which I can blame on a number of things:

1. The cherries

2. Being so enthralled by the doctor's okay that I am lifting, gardening, vacuuming, weeding, mowing, and now canning like a woman possessed. Sitting still to knit hasn't made the list for a few days.

3. The childish impulse to not knit unless I can cast on something new.

4. The lack of sufficient hours in a day. Really, why do we only get 24? And if I have to sleep 8 of them, how am I supposed to get everything done?

Oddly, last night I dreamed about the purple sock. I seem to have been knitting along quite happily, until I discovered that I had knit a long cabled tube, without remembering to stop for a heel.

That would be funnier if I didn't double-check the sock in sheer panic this morning, knowing that was indeed a real possibility.