Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things I Have Learned From The Great Sewing Room Project

*  It's impossible to fully appreciate what a crappy job one has been doing on dusting until one starts packing up a room

*  A marker without a cap will always fall ink-side down into the carpet, but a straight pin will fall pointy-end UP

*  BEFORE the boxes start getting packed up, think through any possible reason--such as trying out furniture arrangements--that might make one wish that one had not just thrown crap randomly in boxes, or, alternatively, keep at least ONE measly little project together--patterns, pins, directions, thread--just in case

*  If two long-haired cats regularly insist on hanging out in the sewing room with you, vacuum really often or get a vacuum cleaner that doesn't have the clear cylinder showing you the scary amount of fur that just came out of your carpet.

*  There are smarter things to do than pack and schlep boxes when recovering from a back injury

*  If your cat has his own water glass in the sewing room because he refuses to drink out of the bowl and it's either give him his own glass or be willing to share yours, don't think that he'll understand that his glass needs to be put away for a while.

*  If one DOES have to pack up all one's yarn and all one's fabric, doing it while having access to Valium isn't such a bad idea.........